2 days of weather

Yesterday was meant to be a canopy training course, but, was cancelled due to wind and rain, which sucks, but, today, the dropzone was open, as there was a break in the rain, but, not in the wind. due to the wind direction, the north runway was in use, which meant the southern landing area was being used, but, the southern landing area, you need to have a B license, and over 50 jumps to be allowed to jump and land on it. after waiting around all day, and helping with the tandem jumpers, and watching a fun jump ‘big way’ where 15 jumpers tried to make a formation, 5PM came, when the airport officially closes, and then the northern landing area is opened up, but, due to the wind speeds, larger canopies, like myself and other student and new jumpers use, were unable to jump 🙁

Not a complete waste of a day though, I spoke with Kris, one of the FS coaches, about a few things to try, including a few new exits, and had a few practices in the exit mock up, which is a steel frame, identical to the door of the plane, to practice jumping out of.

Im on a packing course next friday, and its possible the canopy course may follow directly after that, or maybe the week after, but while i didnt get to jump this weekend, i still enjoyed the banter and seeing what everyone else was doing 🙂

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