Feb 02

Skydive swansea tandem skydive.

Tandem skydive for Afghan Heroes charity.

Every year me and my fiancee do something for an armed forces charity, this year, it was a sponsored skydive. It has already been postponed twice due to the weather, but today, with the temprature on the ground at a refreshing -4°C and not a cloud in the sky, we are good to go. We go through all of the paperwork, then ‘the training’, a group of us all sat on the floor, practicing holding our legs up for the landing, then taught how to ‘arch’ for the actual skydive itself. Next we all get lovely BRIGHT yellow jumpsuits, and our harnesses on, and all get a go at practicing the arching again. I’m introduced to my instructor, who i’ll be attached to for the skydive, who is known to the others in the skydive center as ‘handsome rob’.

the following is copied from my post at http://www.ukskydiver.co.uk/cms/topic/22590-dropping-in-to-say-hi/

then i was the first one to get into the plane, and it seemed unreal, watching the plane filling up, there was about 23 people crammed in there, looking out the windows as we climbed up to 13,000 feet, looking round seeing places i recognise (i live 40 mins from swansea DZ), seeing the excitement on the faces of the people jumping alone, and the fear on my missus sat next to me.

the door was opened, and my heart started racing, watching the people one by one ‘vanishing’ untill it was just me and the missus left (with our tandem jumpers). as she was making her way to the door, i heard her say ‘ive changed my mind…….’ then, she was gone, and it was just me and rob. he asked if i was ok, and i said ‘fook yeh’ then we were on the edge, it was like i was in a dream, i could see it, but, it wasnt really real, then he says, are you ready? head back, and we’re gone

i see tiny fields, then sky, then, the bottom of the plane, moving upwards, really fast, then the ground again


this is unreal, the wind, the noise, the…….’feeling?’ what is this feeling, oh man, this is the best thing ever, then

woosh, everything slows down, except for me, i am buzzing

ive done some mad stuff, and taken things that i shouldnt have, but this, im hooked, instantly

on the way back down, we spot my missus canopy, and go over towards it, she LOVED it, we were a mile high, having a chat, we then did some loops, before coming in to land

me and the missus were buzzing,


From this, i KNOW i want more www.skydiveswansea.co.uk has introduced me to something so addictive that words cannot describe it, this blog will follow me with everything that happens in the future involving the sport of skydiving