Feb 14

Jump 103, FS1 C8

FS1 coached jump #8 with Ant, and jon stalking with a camera

We do a 2 way linked exit, nice and stable. 90 turn left, link, 90 turn back, link, 90 turn right, link, and repeat a few times. do 2x 360 turns and link, before breaking off and tracking away at 5000 feet and pulling at ~ 3500 feet, for a good landing on the southern landing area

Feb 14

Jump 102, solo

Once again its been weeks since my last jump. Since the last one theres been a big skydiving exhibition in nottingham, where a nice new Symbiosis jumpsuit was bought, custom made, which will arrive in the next few months at some point. Today though im hopinh to get 2 jumps in, with one of them being a coached jump.

The first jump of the day is a solo jump. A nice rolling exit followed by a small track. I pick a reference below me and side slide left and right, do some more turns, a bit more side sliding, followed by a track before pulling at ~4000 feet. A nice uneventfull canopy ride down to the southern landing area, which ive not landed on for a while 🙂