Aug 21

Competition time is coming

Yep you read it right. This year im entering the British National Accuracy Championship again. Last year i was hounded into entering, and somehow managed to fluke my way to winning a bronze medal.

So, im getting my tent(s) ready, making sure all my gear is ready (my reserve parachute is being repacked and checked this week), and, charging my cameras batteries. Yep, im now allowed to jump wearing a camera. So all i need to do now, is learn how to edit videos

I may post updates during the weekend

Aug 18

jump stats updated

Jump stats has been updated, other updates inbound. Ive hit the 200 jump mark, got my C linsence, been cleared to jump wearing a camera, and entering the nation accuracy championships in just over a weeks time. Ill get around to updating all of the jumps, i promise 😉