Dec 20

Updated videos

Ive updated the videos page with some that ive uploaded to Youtube, and also changed the video on the left hand side of the main pages. Logbook has been updated with 40 jumps (only another 35 to go). Fixed the ‘Star rating’ bit thats below every post and page that allows you to give things a rating, it wasnt displaying results correctly. The sites software has been upgraded, and some additional security steps put in place, as theres now a constant stream of attacks trying to hijack the site. These attackers will soon be diverted to a dedicated page of adverts.
More will be updated over the next week or 2

Dec 17

Updates inbound

Loads of jump updates coming later today. Theres just over 20 jumps that i need to post, theres nearly 75 jumps i need to add to the logbook page. I have videos to upload and link to and some pictures.

The stats box at the top right of the site has been updated, the costs page has been 90% updated and the beer fines page has been updated