A trip to A&E

Following my ‘instant opening’ over the weekend, it looks like i may have given myself more than just a sore neck for an hour. After a very worrying ‘incident’ which brought to light that something may be very wrong internally, i took myself off to hospital. Seeing a doctor is not something i do. I have worked through the winter with pneumonia, untill i have collapsed, starved fevers out of myself, i suffer from recurring scarlet fever, i have wrapped injuries in electrical tape, and generally patch myself up if im able to, so this is a big thing for me to go straight to A&E, my missus thought i was joking.

Anyway, after being seen, then referred to a doctor and a few more examinations, it looks like ive burst a vein internally, and burst one in the back of my leg. Blood tests will be done, but, it appears that im healthy and capable of healing naturally, so, will wait untill friday for a quick checkup and results of the blood tests, but, things dont look as bad as they at first appeared to be, which is why i initially came to A&E.

But, sometimes, its better to be sure.

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