Beer Fines

A beer fine can be imposed for ANY reason, but, the law is, if its your ‘first’ something, then you get fined for it, if you achieve something, then you get fined for it, if you mess up, you get fined for it, miss something important, you get fined for it, land too far from the landing area, or, past ‘the beer line’, you get fined for it. Or one of any other reasons that may, or may not, make any sense at all. Beer fines are paid, in beer, into the drop zones beer fridge, which must NOT, under any circumstances, be allowed to run empty, EVER! A beer fine is NOT a punishment, normally, but a recognition of the event that lead to the fine being imposed.

  • First solo jump: My first solo jump, in Empuriabrava, Spain, with Scotty Milne, my AFF level 1, which can be seen in the Videos section.
  • Gaining my A license: Gaining my A license, in Empuriabrava, Spain, with Scotty Milne, this lead to an obscene amount of beer being consumed afterwards.
  • My first jump ‘at home’: My first jump in the UK, at Skydive Swansea, which has become my home drop zone.
  • The first bollocking of 2014: The first telling off of 2014 at the drop zone, for inappropriate alcohol releated posting on facebook 😛 oops.
  • Gaining my B license: Gaining my B license, in Swansea, UK
  • My first jump at Dunkeswell: My first jump at Dunkeswell dropzone.
  • My first jump on my own equipment: My first jump using my own rig, at Dunkeswell dropzone.
  • Jumping my own pack job for the first time: My first jump on a canopy that I packed myself.
  • My first downwind landing: My first downwind landing.
  • My first high ‘Hop n Pop’: My first high hop n pop, which was from 15,000 feet, at Swansea dropzone.
  • 1 hour in freefall: Totaling an hour spent in freefall, also passed 100 miles in freefall 5 jumps earlier.
  • Coming to the rescue: Whilst on a weather hold, a HUGE wasp flew into the packing room, putting one of the packers into a bit of a panic, so, with an awesome shot with a bungie, the wasp was soon in 3 pieces, and no longer a threat. Word soon got around about the awesome ninja style take down of the airborne anaphylactic terror, and i was (unjustly) beer fined for my heroic actions, for murdering the poor defenseless (?) creature, instead of ushering it out of a window
  • My first LOW altitude exit: Getting over my fear of low altitude exits involved a LOW altitude exit. For me, this is my ‘No $h!t, there I was’ over a beer jump. I now have zero issues exiting the plane at 3500 feet 🙂
  • Winning a medal: I got talked into entering the British National Accuracy Championships. I saw it as a good excuse to get some really cheap jumps, and practise under canopy, but, somehow managed to bag 3rd place in the intermediate category, and become a national championship bronze medal holder. Beer fine well earned 😀
  • Triple fined: As I wasnt aware that I’d actually gotten fined for winning a medal, and didnt pay the beer fine, it ended up being tripled :o.
  • Sub 200′ canopy: My first jump on a canopy thats less than 200′.
  • First ‘off’ landing at swansea: My first jump landing off the dropzone. But, in my defense, so did every tandem and 4 other canopies on the same load.
  • Gaining my FS1 sticker: Finally getting my FS1 rating, on jump number 175.
  • Gaining my C license: Completing my 200th jump to gain my C license.
  • My first camera jump: A week after getting my C license, jumping wearing a camera for the first time :).
  • My first jump as JM (Jump Master: My first jump master jump on a quiet load with 3 tandems on board.

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