blog updated

I’ve updated a few blog pages, and added a few more pages. At the top, you’ll now see Logbook, which is an electronic copy of the basic information of every jump, which will tally up with the full write up of each jump, a weather section, which at the moment only shows details for Swansea drop zone from the met office and XCWeather, and a beer fine page, which i thought will be fun to add. The jump stats on the right now links to the pages that describe what each part means, and the weather section on the main page has been fixed to grab the info from yahoo and show it on the right hand side, including sunset times, which with summer coming, normally dictates the time of the last jump.

the blog will soon be updated with graphical banners to skydive swansea, ukskydiver forum, activeskydiving-uk and possibly a few other links, to add some colour, and to advertise the places that have helped me progress in my new hobby 🙂

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