Bought my helmet, and more learning

After looking around all the facebook pages, ebay, gumtree, forums, etc, for a helmet, I decided to buy a new SkySystems Benny helmet from While some helmets are around the £300 mark, this one is £65. This probably completes me buying gear for a while, as the only thing left for me to own is my own rig (parachute kit) and as these start from around £2k 2nd hand, and as you gain experience, you change the equipment you use, it’ll be a while before i can afford, or think about getting my own.

Next friday, the dropzone is having some form of canopy control briefing, so im deffo getting myself onto that, read back about some of my landings, and youll see why, and the friday after, im learning how to pack  parachutes. While i was in Empuriabrava doing my AFF I was shown many times how to do it, I never actually got to have a go myself, so hopefully, in 2 weeks time, I’ll be posting how ive jumped a rig that I actually packed myself 🙂

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