Canopy all checked over

After speaking with the main rigger at the dropzone about the openings on my canopy, its all been checked out, and looks to be ok. I did mention that i think it may be my method of packing, so, i was taken through it all again, and pointed out that when i did some practise packing just before jumping this rig and canopy, that i was told to do things differently to how id learned to do them. The canopy was packed for me this time, so, on the next jump, if it opens without the left side being completley collapsed, then its the way im packing thats causing it, and, ill get straight onto a refresher, with a load of supervised packs ASAP, but, if it still only half opens, then something is possibly not right with the canopy, and itll be time to look out for a replacement one, already.

The next jump will be the decider….

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