Empuriabrava day 3

AFF Level 1: Leave the plane with 2 instructors, go through everything ive been taught, but, durong my wave off and pull, i tried to do it all a bit fast, and had to have my hand held to stop my pulling at a fraction under 6k, back on the ground, i said how hard i found it to pull the pilot chute, and it was then explained that my hand was being stopped, and looking back at the video, can see perfectly, learned for next time

digidude AFF Level 1 on youtube

AFF Level 2: On the way up, was sat right behind the pilot, so being curious, watched what he was doing, instead of going through what i was about to be doing in my head, this turned out to be a bad thing. Gets to the door, and suddenly feel nervous, too late, jumped, then, my head went to sh!t for 5 seconds. I sort my head out, do my practice pulls, then some tracking (with instructors holding on), wave off and pull, and on the way down go over in my mind what went wrong. on coming in to land (under radio) theres a slight wind blowing me towards the left, so im concentrating on keeping a little bit of right going to keep me going straight, and ready to hear ‘flare flare flare’ in my ear. The radio springs to life, but, as ive been concentrating on this little bit of right to go straight, my brain screams at me ‘left left left’, so i pull the left toggle down, hard, and slam into the ground, hard. the radio bursts back into life ‘what are you doing, i said flare flare flare, are you ok, stand up, stand up, stand up’ i stand up, i know the radio said flare, but i was so fixed on right, that for whatever reason i translated it as left, that hurt, a lot, and thats also learned for next time, and every time

digidude AFF Level 2 on youtube

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