Empuriabrava day 5

this morning, another student has decided not to carry on, leaving only 2 of us, again, the winds picked up around dinner time, meaning we could only jump in the morning

AFF Level 4: again, i went through everything in my head on the way up, exit the plane, and am let go, 90 degree turn left to find scotty and wait for instructions. i do 3 full 360 turns in the directions indicated, remembering the issues i had with left turns in the tunnel, but i nailed them, 🙂

digidude AFF Level 4 on youtube

AFF Level 5: the solo exit. this is one ive been looking forward to, i exit the plane, and im on my back, flip over no problems, then im on my back again, flip back over, and turn to face scotty. do 2 360 turns in the directions indicated, then a 5 second track, turn to face scotty, as we still have enough alti left, another 5 second track, before waving off and pulling, brilliant fun, absolutly loved it 😀

digidude AFF Level 5 on youtube

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