Empuriabrava day 7

The winds that started 2 days ago, continue to stop me from being allowed to jump, but, slowly the jumping limit is falling, by around 3 PM its now down to 50 jump limit, and by 4:30PM, im up in the air again ­čÖé

AFF Level 6: backflips. ive NEVER done a backflip in my life, cant even do them on a trampoline, so i knew this was going to be interesting. exit the plane nicely, then flip over :-/ flip back over, and do my first backflip, i knew it was a little sideways, but recovered from it with no problems, as we have enough alti, theres also 2x 5 second tracks, before waving off and pulling

 digidude AFF Level 6 on youtube

AFF Level 7: for this jump, im with an instructor called tim, instead of scotty, but, for the last week ive been socialising with tim every day as part of our group so im more than happy with this. im getting more excited with each jump, going over it all in my head on the way up, then doing it on the way down, this one was backflips, turns, and putting everything together. watching the DVD back, just coming to the pull altitude, im checking my alti, but being given the signal to straighten legs, then the shake of my head to say ‘thats it’ it looks like im saying no to the signals lol.

 digidude AFF Level 7 on youtube

After this, i also get in my first consol jump, which had amazing views of the sun over the mountains, and was my first jump where i didnt really have to concentrate on ‘doing’ anything specific, however, being in the plane on the way up, alone, was very unnerving, but, the second i was at the door, i knew exactly which way to go………..DOWN ­čśÇ

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