Empuriabrava day 9

My last day in Empuriabrava, I fly home tomorrow 🙁

My last 2 jumps last night, were my first puling at less than 5,000 feet, im now pulling at 4k, and i have 4 more consols to do today, as well as my hop n pop. Im not allowed on the first lift just in case the higher winds are bad, so, even though the DZ opens at 9AM, the first lift goes up at about 9:50, by 10 im manifested 🙂

my first consol jump of the day (consol 7 jump 15) if the trees were still opposite the hangar in Empuriabrava, I would have been plucked out of them this morning, even though the trees were’nt there, i still flared too high. My next jump, whilst following the student landing pattern, at around 500 feet before turning ready to land, i became unsure about the trees that run parallel with the runway, i didnt know if id have enough space to get over them, and turn to level out and land safely, so i made the decision to turn early, and land in the mud on the wrong side of the trees. it later turned out that this was the landing that scotty had the new students watching me coming in on. the 2 mile walk around to get back, in the heat, in full gear, carrying a large student canopy, was a hard walk, i also still flared about 2 seconds too early. My next jump of the day was perfect, landed right in the center of the landing zone, flared just right and landed gently on my feet, punched the air triumphantly shouting ‘YESSS!’ just as a gust of wind caught my canopy, and dragged me onto my arse……..

Consol 10, jump 18, its just after dinner time, and the winds are starting to pick up, but theres still no jump limits in place, I get manifested, im up, and im out, under canopy, im bouncing, this is new to me, the slider above my head is making a banging noise, and i can feel myself being ‘bumped’ left and right. I stay in my holding area, and at around 1,800 feet, start my decent parallel with the runway ready to turn and land, i keep looking at my alti, and im not even half way down the runway, and im now at 500 feet, i dont know where my height has gone, or why, but i know i have to turn now, or itll be a downwind landing into trees, so i turn, and once again today, land where the trees used to be opposite the hangar, i flared and landed fine, but had a bit of a fight to collapse the canopy. On my way back to the hangar, the CCI pulled me to one side to say about me landing in the same area twice and did i know there was a limit in place, i said there was no limit when i went up, yet when i landed there was a 200 jump limit on

I now only have my hop n pop to get my A license, and the winds have picked up 🙁 im not leaving this DZ though in case they come back down, and this pays off

just before 8PM, the limit comes down, and im manifested for a hop n pop, but, its on the porter plane. this is the only plane ive not done a single jump from, the planes a lot smaller, the door is smaller, has a step down to get out, and the doors on the other side of the plane to what im used to 😮

theres 6 (i think) of us crammed into something the size of a mini metro, with wings on, im excited, but also know i only have ONE chance at this, and if i fook it up, i wont get my license, suddenly, im turning around and the doors open, my foots on the step, 3, 2, 1 and im out, and the movement is so fluid, its perfect, im stable, ive pulled, the canopy is opening, i look up, see it inflate fully, the plane climbing, im screaming YESSSSS!!!!!! i land in the landing area, i flare perfectly, im buzzing

My logbook is signed off for BPA CAT8 and FAI A license 😀

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