JM1 Sticker

Turned up nice and early at the dropzone, as the weather says that the winds will gradually get worse as the day goes on, but, even though the northern landing area was in use, and i was all kitted up to jump a 230 for the first time and ready for checks to get on the plane, a few of us were told that the winds were too high for us, so a jump limit and canopy limit was put in place. Helped out catching tandems in the hope that the winds would drop, but, by dinner time, all jumping was cancelled.

I asked about my JM1 paperwork, which was checked, and had the JM1 sticker added to my license 🙂

The weathers meant to be better tomorrow, so, fingers crossed that ill hopefully get some pre declared landings in, and every jump is closer to my B license 🙂

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