Jump 114, Practise

This post is being typed up from notes taken from logbook, but, this jump is burned into my mind, for ever!

So, Ive been talked into entering the British National Accuracy Championships. The way i see it, is itll be some damn cheap jumps, so, why not go for it. The only thing playing on my mind, is that the exit altitude is 3,500′. The lowest ive jumped from is around 5,500′. Im assured ill be fine, as theres another more experienced jumper also practising, and, we will be being dispatched on the way up for others to jump anyway.

We get airborne, and, as we get ready to leave at 3,500′. theres a layer of cloud. We carry on up to 12k, where all the main jumpers get out, before going back down now the cloud layer has passed. at 4000′ the red light comes on, so me and the other jumper open the door, and look for our exit spot, which is still a while away. Im looking out of the door, thinking how low we are, and looking at my alti, as we pass through 3,500′. The exit point is still ahead of us, and we are approaching 3,200′, and i can clearly see people standing on the dropzone. My arse is twitching. Still descending and the plane now turns into the final run in for us to exit. From this point onwards, altitudes are classified. Maybe ill publicly disclose them one day, I’ll deffo talk about them over a beer. But, the green light comes on, and the other guy is gone. Ive not felt like this since my very first consol jump. Alone in the exit door, with my arse biting my jumpsuit, knowing that if i dont jump, i’ll hate myself for it.

I look at my alti, and jump, grab my pilot chute, and throw it as hard as i can, this is where everything got………..interesting.

I see my canopy deploying, in slow motion, and, as its being pulled out of the bag, its spinning. Right now, theres 3 things going through my mind. the first one is that im hoping the floor wont be going through my mind in the very near future, the 2nd one is that i know my canopy opens with end cell closure, and starts to turn and dive, and the 3rd one is that ‘OH FOOOOK!!!!! I HAVE LINE TWISTS FROM HELL!!!!’ and ill need to sort them out to sort out the end cell closure to stop me from meeting the ground in the very near future.

The canopy opens, with me bouncing on the risers like a mad man, and, it fully inflates, holy crap, thats problem number one sorted, but, the lines are more twisted than an 80s tv hosts reunion. I grab the risers, and start kicking like im trying to fight off all of those twisted 80s tv hosts, and, after about 20 seconds, im under a fine controllable canopy.

I take up a landing pattern at around 1200′, and land about 30M short of my intended target, to cheers and shouts of ‘digi kicks like a bitch’ lol

but a jump ill never forget

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