Jump 128, Nationals final jump

This post is being typed up from notes taken from logbook

For this jump, there are 2 of us who can possibly get 3rd place. Luckily for me, I get to jump after the other guy, so ill see him land. The first load exit the plane, and I watch Lewis like a hawk, all the way to the ground. He lands within the circle. I now know that i MUST do the same to be in with a chance. I exit stable, and deploy after ~ 15 seconds. Everything is going great, untill the final 50 odd feet of landing, im being blown sideways. I try to correct it, but i need to flare to land safely, and land less than 2M to the right of the 5M target, well within the 25M target zone. We will have to wait untill the final announcements to see the outcome of this jump…….

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