Jump 145 Solo

This post is being typed up from notes taken from logbook

This was a strange jump, i was the 5th person to exit the plane, but, when the red light went on and the door opened, as soon as the jump master looked out and down, he screamed ‘GREEN LIGHT!! GREEN LIGHT!!’ followed by ‘GO! GO! GO!’ to the first jumper

I did a backwards exit from 12,500′ Stable on back and turning left and right, before flipping back over and small track. Deployed main canopy at ~3,500′ and was a LONG way from the dropzone, I turned towards the landing area, hoping that id make it back, and every now and then looking back over my shoulder at other canopies further away than me, and thinking they have no chance at all of making it back. I was getting closer and closer to the landing area, but knew that i wasnt going to make it, so found a flat spot around 200 yards outside of the perimeter and turned into the wind for a safe landing.

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