Jump 149 Solo Dunks

After driving to devon to collect a new van, i  couldnt resist taking my gear, and a tent and sleeping back, and stopping at Dunkeswell on the way back. Upon arriving and going through gear checks, someone said i had missed the last load of the day, but, i had about 10 minutes to get ready, Awesome 🙂

The planes here climb fast, really fast, so less than 20 minutes later, im in the door at 13,800′, and roll out and flip onto my back to see the plane. I flip back over and simply enjoy the sunset views, at 120mph freefalling, before deploying my main canopy at ~3,500′ and taking up a landing pattern. They have a nice big 20M circle cut onto the grass as a target, and, i land within stepping distance short of it, but, im close enough to be happy with the landing 🙂

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