Jump 150 Solo Dunks

After spending the night in a sleeping back in the back of the van, and getting up at 5am, im ready to go by 8:30, but, theres fog, which doesnt clear untill midday, leaving me an hour before i have to leave. Luckily ive been manifested for lift 1 since 9am, so by half past 12, im in the air, and in the door at 13,700′

A 5 way group has left before me, and im aware that they will be tracking away from each other, so i keep my eye on them, and when they split, i see one heading roughly towards where i will be in 5 seconds time, to i turn and track, away from him, and away from the flight line, as i dont want to be tracking into anyone else, before opening my main at ~ 3,500′. This time i land about 3M to the right of the target, but im still happy with that 🙂

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