Jump 152, 2 way with Fae

For some reason, this is being typed up from my logbook on 1st march 2016, yep, things have been that slow.

Anyway, it was a 2 way jump, linked exit with fae, we nearly flipped it right over, but managed to recover it awesomely from a near total inverted disaster. Once we released, because i have roughly the same freefall speed as a rizla, i was a bit high. fae opened up like an octopus at full stretch, i tried my best to dive down to him, but it wasnt going to work, and he vanished towards the planet. at 5000 feet i ensured i still tracked away from him, and deployed my main canopy at 3500 feet, for a pretty uneventfull ride where i landed short of my intended target

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