Jump 158, Solo, Training worked

jumping again, yay 🙂

Approaching 12,000 feet, and again, im first out, so i dive out backwards, track a little away from the plane, and once again try a slight head down position, which i manage to hold for about 15 seconds 🙂 and im at 7000 feet already, wow, that went fast, i locate the markers on the ground, and turn into the wind, before deploying my canopy at 3,500 feet.

Its at this time, as my canopys opening, that i think that im further away from the landing area than i really should be, and, seeing how far away other canopies are opening from me, think that i may have tracked away from the plane a lot further than i thought, especially with the wind behind me

At around 2000 feet, im almost certain that im not going to make it back to the landing area, as the wind is simply stopping me from making any forward ground towards where i need to be. I look at a spot thats clear directly below me, and another one behind me. At the moment, i decide on the spot below me, between the end of the runway, and the road, with the backup plan that if i drift away from it, that at 1000 feet i will abandon this one, and go for the area behind me, on the other side of the road, and a bit further from the runway

At 1000 feet, im still sinking in to my first backup landing area nicely, 800 feet, 600 feet, 500, 400, 300, 200, fook. The dark bit of nice plain ground is actually waterlogged, i come down to it, flare, and am taken sideways / backwards. Dragged through the wet mud as im trying to collapse my canopy, just as it hits the road, before dragging it out of harms way

Not the normal uneventfull landing that i post about, or am used to, but, without panicking, my training about being able to find an ‘out’ if you know youre not going to make it kicked in. I knew i was going to land close to a road, but kept myself away from it, untill i was dragged towards it, but, from that, ill know for if it happens again, to choose the ‘other’ side of the road from the wind, just in case

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