Jump 159, Low hop n pop

This jump is an accuracy practise jump, exiting the plane at 3,500 feet, quickly getting stable, and deploying my canopy. The ride to exit height is over in a few minutes, and im out of the door. As i throw my pilot chute, i go unstable, and tip forward. I then feel something pull my foot. I look down towards my foot (which puts me into more of a head down position, to see my pilot chute wrapped around my foot.

This is where time slowed down

So many thought processes all going on at the same time, not a single one of them was panic induced or thoughts of doom. But, i was aware that if i was pulled vertical, and the pilot chute let go as i was vertical, i could induce a step through in my canopy, if it opened. I lift my head back up, have both hand on my cut away and reserve handles and am kicking my foot, then im pulled upright.

I look up to see the best sight that i could see right now, my main canopy opening, but i keep my hands on my reserve handles untill its fully open. The lines all look fine, grab the toggles and do some control checks, everythings fine.

Its at this point i say to myself ‘phew, that was funky’, and collapse my slider and get down to landing pattern altitude.

Theres not much wind, so i overshoot my target by around 20M

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