Jump 161, Low hop n pop

After a visit to the beach, theres just enough time to get on the last lift of the day for an accuracy practice jump on the way home 🙂

As the plane starts to climb, im told that if the pilot forgets to pass the dropzone at 3500 feet, ill be going to the top, 12,000 feet instead, but, at about 2800 feet the red ‘get ready’ light comes on.

The doors open, we climb to 4000 feet, and the green light comes on and im given the thumbs up. I get a good stable exit, and deploy my canopy within a few seconds, and watch the plane fly away, before having a look around as the suns about to set

I setup for my landing, but once again as theres little wind, i overshoot my target, by around 20M

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