Jump 21, Swansea

Managed to get a few hours, so took my son with me to the DZ, and managed to get one jump in 🙂 I have recently bought new goggles, and on this jump wanted to practice my emergency drills, the first thing i niticed, that the small foam ‘bit’ at the bottom of the gogles impared my vision unless i pushed my chin so far down that it caused me to start turning into a slightly head down position that i couldnt actually see my handles, so from this jump, ill be buying a new pair of goggles. I also went through my first proper cloud 😀 and seeing the sun reflecting as a halo off the top of it was brilliant.

Did some practise flares under canopy, but found myself a little too far downwind when it came to landing, and flared a little bit too late, but, a very enjoyable jump 🙂

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