Jump 22, Swansea

Got to the dropzone just after dinner time, Swansea has 2 landing areas, northern and southern, and the wind, and runway in use dictates what landing area is in use. The northern landing area is wide and long, while the southern is smaller and at the end of a runway, and you have to have over 50 jumps to land here, and today, the southern is in use. The airport itself closes at 5PM, so then the northern is opened, so, i settle in for a wait, and get chatting with everyone there. 5PM comes round, and my names on the board :). Shiney new jumpsuit on, my new (2nd hand) alti on my right hand (upside down) and an alti that i know is working on my left hand. The plan for this jump, is to practise freefall with my hands closer to my body, as discussed with Kris the FS coach, and check the 2 altimeters against each other. I’m 2nd out of the plane, and fall nicely into a stable position, check one alti, check the other, then a practice pull. ring my hands in, and find that i can remain stable like this with no problems, check both alti’s, then cary out emergency drill practice. Arms back in, check alti’s, and pull at just under 4,000 feet. Upon opening, I look up for a canopy check, and one end cell is collapsed, and theres half a twist at the risers, which im turning into, so i kick my legs, untwisted, and grab the steeriing toggles, the end cell opens on the first flare 🙂 nice smooth ride down, and on landing flared perfectly, and landed perfectly, even if i was a few hundred yards from everybody else 🙂

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