Jump 23, Swansea

For this jump, Will, the dropzones boss, has given me a smaller canopy, all of my other jumps have been on a 280, im now on a 240. I ask what will be different etc, and am told ill have more control and itll be a little bit faster. This jump is all of the dropzone staff, myself and 2 other fun jumpers. The plan for this jump is a rolling exit then practice turns with hands close again, everything goes to plan, then open at just under 4,000 feet, have a play with the canopy, hard banking seems to throw me out sideways, hard, so i’ll leave playing with that for now. on coming in to land, i start downwind then turn in, and hope this time to land closer to everyone else, and, at one point, being only a few hundred feet away, im sure im going to plough right through the middle of everyone, so i adjust a little bit, adjust a little bit more, and everyone on the ground is watching me, i come in about 10 feet to the side of everyone, and flare, perfectly, and just step onto the ground. A few clapped and commented on the landing, which i was really happy about. 2 instructors asked if i had a radio on and was talked in on the landing, when i said it was all me on my own, they said i did really well, and when my logbook was signed off, the instructor also added ‘Nice landing!’ underneath it all.

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