Jump 24, Swansea

After the last jump, and landing, I cant wait for this one. As I get to the dropzone, one of the regular jumpers has just done her FS1 skydive, and passed, and I get chatting with one of the coaches. He gives me some ideas to try out, with the way I hold my hands, and turning using my knees. On the plane, im the only fun jumper, the rest of the plane is tandems, and their cameras, so ill be the first out. Ant (one of the camera flyers) says that if i hold on to the door, and just fall away backwards, he will get some pictures for me 🙂

I hang on to the bar above the door, and fall away from the plane 🙂 the pictures look like im riding an invisible skateboard away from the plane. I get stable, then try the new hand position, then turning with my knees, and its really simple, and quick, do a few 90 degree turns in different directions, before pulling at 3,500′

just as i finish all my canopy checks, I enter the top of a cloud, and cannot see a thing. I do a few turns, ensuring im looking all around me, but i have absolutley NO idea which way is which, apart from up and down. Then I remember, on my first jump at swansea, Will mentioned having my back to the sun under canopy, so i turn with the sun behind me (this also put the wind behind me). I pop out of the cloud at about 1,800′, and the dropzone is BEHIND me :o. Turn around, and into the wind all the way, but, what looks like itll be my landing spot, is right where theres a small comms tower, windsock, and other equipment. I dont know how to extend the range of the canopy, especially into the wind, so i put on the brakes, this seems to work, and my landing spot seems to now be moving closer, and a bit to the left of all the equipment. Just begin to flare and a nice wind picks me up, great, i hold onto the flare, as i know letting it go is the worst thing i can do right now, and wait for the ground, land and roll it off, then fight to collapse the canopy

But, really enjoyed 🙂


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