Jump 25, Swansea

Jump 25, this is the 50% mark for jumps towards my B license 🙂 and, its the last jump of the day again, a fun jump with the staff, and get an extra few hundred feet alti before jumping.

The plan for this jump, is a dive exit from the plane, flip onto my back and enjoy seeing the plane vanish (cos i like that) then back on my front and practise leg turns again, all of this went exactly to plan. Opened at 3,500′, and it seems that no matter what i try, i just cannot get towards where i want to land, im over the dropzone, and the large landing area, but the wind just wont let me get further up the runway. I hold as best as im able to, and see that my landing area will be close to a small tree, so put the brakes on a little bit, flare as i come in to land, and this is when i realise that where im landing is not just grass, but 4 feet tall grass type stuff, covered in millions of white fluffy things, then, i vanish into them. I didnt want to risk damaging the canopy by pulling it, so spent a few minutes gathering everything up, but at the same time im aware that all everyone else would have seen is me vanishing behind a tree, so im shouting that im OK, but, the wind must have drowned this out, as the buggy came round, just as im carrying the canopy above my head out of the bushes. It was at this point I was told that if i was still on a 280 canopy, id have been blown miles off course, if id have been allowed to jump it.

An enjoyable jump though, even if i did look like a snowman coming out of the bushes, and even poor Laura, one of the packers, ended up covered in them too from repacking the canopy 🙂

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