Jump 28, Swansea

For this jump, i do another diving downwards exit, get stable, then a few backflips, which are spot on, and regain stability perfectly when coming out of them, do a few 360 left and right turns, then a 10 second track. while on the ground, i noted that the wind direction was coming from just to the right of the sun, so the track i did, was into the wind, this was intentional, and the plan was to then use the wind to get me to my holding position. Pulled at 3,500 feet, nice slow opening (for this jump im on a 280 canopy again), do my control checks, and turn and head back towards the landing area, using the wind to get me there. I adopt the new holding pattern once im in position, with the landing area behind me, and to my left, when im facing into the wind, then, at around 900 feet, turn and start my approach, so now the landing area is in front of me, to my right, i pass it, then turn, so im now going across the wind, at about 500 feet, then at 300 feet, turn into the wind, and towards the landing area, and landed on the edge of the intended landing area 🙂

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