Jump 31, Swansea

This is the last lift of the day, a ‘sunset lift’, and, im going to be the first one out of the plane. Its mainly staff doing fun jumping, some of them will be opening their canopies at 12,000 feet to enjoy the views and the sunset. I ask Rob, one of the instructors, if he will roll me out backwards when i exit 🙂 the door opens, i curl into a ball facing into the plane, and im pushed out, backwards, and hold onto it for a good 8 seconds, before opening and getting stable, i float on my back for a bit, then flip over, and do a few backflips, before opening canopy at 3,500 feet. I pulled to open the canopy, and normally it takes around 3 seconds and youre looking up to se it finish inflating, this time though, it was pretty instant, and was hard, i felt myself being forced down into the leg straps it opened that fast. adopted my new landing pattern, which also gave me views of the sun setting BELOW me, normally you look across at a sunset, i was looking down at one, which was cool. at 900 feet, started my approach, and just managed to land within the correct area 🙂

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