Jump 34.5, Aborted

After a few more up and down jump limits, im on the last lift of the day, im jumping the 230 canopy this time, and planning on being on my back, then trying different things with my arms just to see what happens, when im asked ‘have you jumped with anybody else?’ i answer no, ive always jumped alone, so im now going to be jumping with someone else 😀

We go through a few things, about how i would stay level, or move up or down to get level, turning around and staying level, and how we will hold on to each other to exit the plane, and how at 7000 feet, ill be grabbed, spun round, and thrown across the sky, just for LOL’s, i feel all nervous and excited now, like when i did my AFF levels all over again 🙂

In the plane on the way up, its quite cloudy, but, there are plenty of gaps straight through to the ground. Im right by the door, so i think about asking to do my ‘Spotting’, but, the next time the plane banks, and i see the holes are getting smaller, i decide not to. We nearly get to altitude, and while talking about the exit, change it to ‘ill grab your chest strap and just drag you out of the door’ , this is going to be awesome 😀 and its going to be caught on camera.

The ‘Get ready’ light goes on, and theres a discussion between the jumpmaster doing the spotting, and the main boss. A 100 jump limit is put in place, 10 seconds before im due to jump out of the door 😥

Others leave the plane, and 4 of us take a ride back down, quickly, the plane goes nearly into a nosedive, not as fun as jumping out of the plane, but still quite a fun experience, we are watching our altimeters as we head towards the ground, commenting on how fast we are losing height, the plane then slows and levels slightly, i think this was so our automatic reserve parachutes didnt get set off. We are just under 1000 feet, and its cloudy outside, and raining, we are all watching our altimeters, when we hear and electronic voice, “PULL UP! PULL UP!” then we land, one jumpers electronic altimeter somehow registers as -200 feet.

Its now raining, and we get back in at the same time as those who jumped, and theyre SOAKED to the skin.

So, while some of us didnt actually get to jump, it looks like we were saved from that, and were the only ones in dry clothes

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