Jump 34, Swansea

After a while of jump limits being in place due to wind and clouds, im up again 🙂 the plan for this one is to practice turns while on my back, so, dive out of the plane and get onto my back, then do a 360 left, and another to the right, while staying stable on my back 🙂 do a few more turns, before flipping back over and opening at 3,500 feet. The canopy took a VERY long time to open fully, so long that i noticed another canopy opening, fully, not too far from me, and we are at pretty much the same height, eventually though, its fully inflated, so i grab a rear riser, and turn away from the direction of the other canopy, thats my 3rd one of those ticked off the paperwork, as ive turned, the winds now behind me, and im racing along quite quickly, so i get to the end of the runway to ensure im far enough away from the other canopy, as we will be landing at pretty much the same time, and i then turn back into wind. Im constantly aware of the other canopy as a little bit of cloud comes towards us, im still heading into wind and the other canopy is starting their approach to land, so i make some S turns to try and lose some height to give the other canopy some extra room, this seems to be working 🙂 then at 300 feet i line up for my landing. I flared on landing probably a second or two too early, as landed with a bit of a thud, but, still a standing up landing 🙂

Afterwards i was told that i shouldnt have really done the S turns on my approach, I explained my thought process behind why i did them, and was told the other canopy actually had loads of room. Its things like this that get learned with more experience

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