Jump 41, Swansea

Turn up nice an early again, and get manifested for lift #2 🙂 and, im jumping a 230 (hopefully) for the first time. So far, EVERY time ive had a 230 on my back, ive not jumped, ive come back down in the plane cos of cloud, been held back cos of wind a few times, and theres a possibility that the wind may stop me jumping this time as well, wearing a 230, im just waiting for something to happen………

Everything goes well, im on the plane, up in the air, green light, and out the door 😀

A downwards diving exit, before levelling out and some 360 turns, followed by a bit of tracking, before opening my canopy at 3,500 feet. The canopy opened, and seemed to dive forward, for a second or 2 it seemed like i was horizontal, but it levelled out, a few practise moves and flares, then head back to the holding area. I get there fast, and turn into the wind, at 1000 feet, i look at the arrow (on my right) which says a left circuit to land, so i turn to my left ready for my approach. By the time i complete my turn 360 degrees, i know ive messed something up, the cross and main landing area are now much further to my right than i thought theyd be, and also further away from me than intended. Holding on into the wind though, i still managed to land on the dropzone, just not as close to the flags as id hoped. A good standing landing though, and FINALLY, i jumped a 230 :p

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