Jump 42, Swansea

For this jump, im back on a 240 canopy, as theres now quite a few club jumpers and students all using the hire kit. After speaking with another jumper, im going to try recommended different body positions, which when jumping with other people, will slow your fall, or speed it up. I roll out of the door, and get stable on my back and watch the plane move away, before flipping over, and trying these body positions, before deploying at 3,500 feet.

After my last landing approach, ive taken some advise, and also have a radio. My main error last time was i turned left, and lost sight of the landing flags, that wont be happening this time 😉 apart from being told to ensure i keep the landing area on my right, and turn to the right for my final approach, the radio was unused, this was a much closer landing, with flare maybe 2 seconds too early, but still a standing landing

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