Jump 43, Swansea

After the last jump, and after speaking with another jumper yesterday, Darren informs me that as I’ve never jumped with another skydiver since getting my A license, he’d like to be my first 😀

We go through how to exit the plane together, what to do immediatley after exiting, and plan to just fall together, with a few turns, just to see if i can stay level etc, excited much? YEP!!

20 minutes later when its time to board the plane, the plan has evolved slightly, me and Darren will now exit as planned, Seamus, a 3rd skydiver will exit right behind Darren, and a 4th skydiver, Adam, will film it all and take pictures, this just keeps getting better 😀

In the door, we exit as planned, but the smoothness of it wasnt quite as planned :p after a little bit of upside down and turning fun, we get stable, then i see Seamus to my right getting closer. I let go of Darren with one hand, and the 3 of us link up, we then all let go slowly, and stay pretty stable, or, should i say, they stay stable with me, as i notice them both making small movements so we all stay together.

The next thing i know, im hearing a warning beep in my ear, only a few seconds ago we were at 9,000 feet, i look at my alti, 5,000 feet, so i turn, and track away, as planned, and pull at 3,500 feet

Under canopy, i head for the holding area, and turn into the wind, and look straight down to see how fast im moving forward, not very fast at all, so i turn closer to the landing area a few times, before starting my final approach at 1000 feet, and after my final turn into the wind, im dead in line with the blue marker flag, and land approx 30M from it, before turning and collapsing my canopy.

This was the fastest skydive ive done, in my mind, as it all seemed over so fast, one thing that struck me though, afterwards, was how much i was actually unaware of my altitude throughout the dive. I checked my alti 3 times, 10,500 feet, 9,000 feet, and when my audible went at 5,000 feet, whereas i normally see every 1k feet pass on my alti where i check it so often, this is something i will have to get used to doing when with others, but, this jump has made me want to start some FS1 coaching, where im sure itll be drummed into me, but, a mega fun jump, and, my first non solo jump as well 🙂

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