Jump 44, Swansea

For this jump, ive pre declared my landing, meaning i have to land within a 30M radius of the blue flag in the landing area. In the plane on the way up, i decide that ill just chill out with some 360 turns on the way down and concentrate on getting my landing on target, on the last jump i was just over 30M from the flag, so im confident i can get closer this time, for my 3rd of 5 pre declared landings on my paperwork.

As im right in the door, and will be second out, i ask Rob, whos an instructor, and the jumpmaster, if i could have a go at spotting, as on my last go, while i was successfull, there was more cloud about then there is today, he says ‘sure no problem’ and for me to tell him when we are directly over the dropzone. The door opens, my heads out, and a minute later, i give Rob a thumbs up, and he confirms 🙂 I move back to let the first group of jumpers out, and i follow shortly after.

In the door, i turn back into the plane, and just fall backwards, out of the door 😀 watch the plane vanish, before flipping over, and practising some turns, as well as de-arching, and arching hard to feel how my body feels in these different positions.

I pull at 3,500 feet, and turn straight into the wind. I hold my position untill around 2,000 feet, before turning and heading towards the landing area, then turn back into the wind, with the landing area behind me, and to my right. I look straight down, im moving forward, but only slowly so i turn again, then turn back into the wind directly over the landing area. Im now at 800 feet, with where i want to land below me and to my right, this is all going to plan perfectly. I turn right, get taken by the wind, and immediatley turn left, and am perfectly in line with the blue flag right in front of me, but, im not moving forward enough. I pull the brakes slightly to try and extend how far i’ll reach, but, as im going into the wind, this has the opposite affect, and actually blows me backwards, so i reach forward and gently pull the front risers a little. At about 150 feet, i know im not going to make my target as i simply dont have enough height left, so i keep heading towards the flag, and land about 45M from it. This is an unsuccessfull pre declared landing, but, it is a tick in the box for extending the range of the canopy using the front risers.

Theres now only 6 jumps and 3 pre declared landings between me and my B license 🙂

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