Jump 46, Swansea

This jump will make today the most jumps ive done in a day since being in spain, 6 jumps in a day, that means i now have a new record to beat 😀

The plan for this jump is another pre declared landing after edging my way closer, and to stay stable on my back for as long as possible, so I dive exit the plane, straight down, and turn onto my back, and stay there, keeping myself stable, and checking my altitude every few seconds. I turn back onto my front at around 5,000 feet, then deploy my canopy at 3,500 feet.

Like the last descent, i keep the landing area behind me and to my right, and i only turn right to catch the wind, then left back into the wind. After a few turns, ive lined myself up so im at around 800 feet, ready for my last turn with the flag about 500 yards behind me, and about 300 yards to my right. I turn right, so the wind takes me, keeping my eye on the flag (after checking for any other canopies around, and above, me), then when im in line with the flag, i turn left back into the wind. The flag is just in front of me, but nearly directly below me, I hold keeping into the wind, flare and land, and turn and collapse my canopy, and I’m about 20M past the flag 😀 its a successfull pre declared landing, on my last jump of the day.

I know itll be another 3 weeks untill i get the chance to jump all day again, as long as the weather allows, but, im now only 4 jumps and 2 more pre declared landings from meeting the requirements for my B license 🙂

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