Jump 48, Swansea

After the last jump, manifested straight away, and pre-declared the landing (and said that EVERY jump i do today is a pre declared landing) and now i know how strong the wind is, and to get myself into the wind ASAP when safe to do so, im sure i can get it this time, the plan for the freefall is just to have fun, but this jumps about the canopy landing mainly. Im going to be first out, so i also get to once again have another go at spotting, then the all clear is given, and just as im about to roll out of the door, i get a helping hand for a bit of extra spin :). I hold the roll for a good 5 seconds, and open up, still loads of altitude, do a couple of backflips, and once again, the first one goes sideways, followed by a bit of tracking, a few more backflips, a bit more tracking, some 360s and then set myself facing into the wind, and deploy at 3,500 feet

Once again im into wind and the landing area is in front of me, so i stay pointing in the same direction for the whole descent, not turning once, riding into the wind all the way, untill im eventually past the landing area, at around 800 feet. I look back to the landing area, only slightly behind me, and make a turn, the wind catches me, and i turn nearly instantly back into the wind, with the landing area now below me, and hold into the wind, slowly dropping, this is going to be close to the pre declared landing area. I land, and turn and collapse the canopy, this is also a 230 compared to the 240 i jumped last time, so it took me a little firther forward than i expected, but, i get given the thumbs up, it was a successfull pre declared landing, YESSSS, only one more to go, but, i need 2 more jumps to get to 50, and im only able to get on one more jump today, and itll be the last lift…..

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