Jump 49, Swansea

This is the last jump of the day, and if i can land within 30M of the blue flags, will mean ALL of my B license paperwork boxes are ticked, and ill only need one more jump to comeplete everything needed for my B license, which also means i’ll be able to land on Swanseas Southern landing area 🙂

I slightly change my usual rolling exit this time, i dont even know why, but i started the roll out of the door further back in the plane, put my hands on the edge of the step, and launched myself, half upside down and half rolling, out of the door 🙂

After opening stable, did a few 360 turns, followed by a few backflips and some more 360s, before once again facing into the wind before deploying the canopy at 3,500 feet, and once again, found that i had quite a bot of ground to cover. I held into the wind untill i was past the landing area, then at 1000 feet, turned for the wind to take me, before turning back to be dead in line with the flags.

Looking at my ground speed, im not going to make the flags, so i pull down on my front risers, this gives me more forward penetration, but at the cost of height, so i leave them go after a few seconds, before working out my landing spot, then pull them down slightly again. Im now at around 300 feet, and unless i do something drastic, this looks like its going to be a good landing, bang on target. I give a little more pull on the front risers before at around 150 feet, see that im going to land right between the flags. I give it a little break, which pulls me backwards slightly, but, as i come in to land, and flare, im right between the 2 flags, which are only about 10M apart, YESSSSS!!!

Only one more jump now stands between me and my B licence, and landing on Swanseas southern landing area, hoping for good weather next weekend 🙂

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