Jump 51, Swansea, 7 way

Word is starting to get around that just about every jump of mine is a solo jump, so, what started as me going to do a jump with another skydiver, soon became 7 people. The plane was for one to be hanging on to the outside of the plane, me and 3 others to exit together, and 2 to follow, and everyone link up, then release, turn, link back up, release, turn, link back up, before at 5500 feet, everyone would track away from me, i’d open at 5000 feet  where i am and everyone else would open lower, and away, as im the most inexperienced it means theres less for me to have to concentrate on etc, sounds like a good plan, right?

We all go through the exit in the mock up door, i get my rig stuck in the bar as im too high up, we go through it all again, and it all seems to go to plan. Our group will be first out, and at 15,000 feet, we all take positions in the door, holding on to each other as planned, i watch for my cues off the guy in front of me, we all go out of the door, and, im on my own, looking at everyone below me. I arch as hard as i can to try and get down to them, but they are getting further and further away, so, i just stay flat, doing a few 360 turns, watching as they move around each other, before deploying at 5000 feet as agreed

For this jump, now i have over 50 jumps, im also wearing my new full face helmet, but, within 30 seconds of my conpy being open and checked, the visor of the helmet is starting to mist up, and im slowly going blind. I try to open it by pressing the release button, but, i cant even feel it through my gloves. I rip one glove off, and try stuffing it down my jumpsuit, but its too tight, so i go to put it on my mouth to hold it, D’oh! im wearing a full face helmet, so im now holding in my left hand, both steering toggles, on half brakes, a glove, and trying to pull up the visor on my helmet, while pushing in the button with my other hand, the visor lifts and i can see again. Thats something that deffo needs looking at on the ground, ive tried that button numerous times and its been fine, but now to land.

I keep at the end of the runway, and again as theres very little wind, come in wide, and land within the southern landing area with no problems 🙂

A fun, if not completley to plan, jump, and my first experience of being squashed into the exit with so many people. Seeing the teams do it on youtube make it looks so easy lol

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