Jump 52, Swansea, 2 way

This is the last lift of the day, and just as im planning out my jump, im asked who im jumping with by another skydiver. I say im jumping alone and he offers to jump with me if i want to. He asks what ive done with other jumpers, so i say nothing really, so we go through some simple things, exiting together, 90 degree turns and linking back up, and staying level, sounds ideal 🙂

We get to 15,000 feet, and i get out of the door, we exit as planned, but, the exit didnt go as planned, somehow im on my back, we seperate, i flip over, we get level, and link together. we break apart, i turn 90 degrees he links on to my side, lets go, i turn back, and we link up again, then we break, he turns, i link on to his side, break off, and we repeat a couple of times.

Then, im not really sure what happened next,, but, i was on my back, then i was on his back, and the only thing going through my mind was ‘OH SHIT!!! his pilot handle!!!’, then he was gone, a hundred yards in front of me, smiling and laughing. We are still at around 6,500 feet, but i dont try to get over to him, as out agreed break off point was 5000 feet, and thatll be here in a few seconds, then, i hear the beeping in my ear, that means im at 5000 feet, i turn 180 degrees, and track away for about 8 seconds, before levelling out, look at my alti, 3,500 feet, and deploy

I set myself up a nice wide landing pattern from 1000 feet, after once again having to remove a glove to open my helmet visor, even though i spent ages between jumps ensuring i could open it with gloves on, i dont know if its the temperature on the release pin, but, ive asked the local rigger to take a look at it for me and wont be wearing it again untill somethings done with it.

On downloading my pro-track information after this jump, it actually says i deployed at 2,900 feet :O but i know it was before that, unless that was the height that my canopy was fully inflated, but, its registered this jump as my longest freefall, 12,100 feet and 74 seconds in freefall 🙂

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