Jump 53, Swansea

Not a cloud in the sky, very little wind, and at the dropzone for half past 8 as the first lift will be another 15k jump :). Get manifested, and all kitted up ready to go. My plan for this jump is instead of my usual rolling exit, to be further back in the plane, then burst forward, putting my foot right on the edge of the step, and force myself forward, as though running and jumping from a ledge into the sea, then see how quickly i can get onto my back.

we get to 15,000 feet, and its my turn to leave, i rush forward, get my foot on the edge and launch myself out of the door, turning as i go, and surprisingly, am straight onto my back and falling away from the plane, with a perfect view. I see Will stick his head out and watch me as i fall away, before flipping back over onto my front.

The air is crystal clear, and i can see for miles, so i do a few slow 360 turns, really taking in the views, checking my altitude every few seconds, then a few short sharp 90 degree turns and some more 360 turns. My audible alti warns me that ive just passed 5,500 feet, i check with my hand alti, turn myself into the little wind that there is, wave off at 4,000 feet, and deploy my canopy at 3,500 feet. I head back towards the landing area, making my final turn to approach at about 800 feet, then i turn to face directly into the wind at around 200 feet, and land right in the designated landing area 🙂

On checking my protrack altimeter afterwards, it states that i deployed at 2,900 feet, yet i know that i threw my pilot chute at around 3,500 feet, so i zoom in on the graph it gives, and it works on the vertical speed that im travelling at to work out the deployment height, so this means it takes around 500 feet for the canopy to slow me down enough while opening to register as being deployed

This jump registered as freefalling from 15,100 feet, to 2,900 feet, making it a longer freefall than the one i did yesterday, making my personal record a 12,200 foot freefall 🙂


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