Jump 54, Swansea

As its friday, this is a jump from 15,000 feet :). After a few hours waiting for the cloud to break, at around 17:30 the first lift goes up, then im manifested for the second, which is also the last. Ive asked to jump a 230 canopy ready to downsize to a 210 (more about that to follow in another post) but as there are students also on the jump im on the 240, which im happy enough with, as i still get to jump :).

For this exit, normally i do a few rolls out of the door, but this time im going to try a single roll and open, hopefully, straight into a stable position. im given the thumbs up, i roll out of the door, one full turn, open, and am stable, flip over onto my back to see the plane, and wills head poking out of the door, before flipping back over belly down. I do a few 360s, a few backflips, then stretch one arm right out in front of me, and bring the other down by my side, YEAH!!! SUPERMAN!!! 😀 lol, get back to flat position, another backflip, a few more 360s, before pulling at 3,500 feet

Under the canopy, theres very little wind, so i take my approach from 1,000 feet pretty wide, with a huge flat turn, and im lined up with my landing area at 400 feet, but, im so used to there being a little more wind than there is today, that i know im going to overshoot. i sit with the brakes on half way for 300 feet, where im right above where id wanted to land, i let the brakes off for my landing, and flare and land about 150 yards past my intended landing spot, but still well within the landing area

While walking back to the packing area, one of the spectators was pointing me out to a little girl, and saying ‘that man just came out of the sky’ and she said to her mum ‘is he real?’ lol

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