Jump 56, Swansea

Once again im on the last lift of the day, it looks like my 230 curse is broken, and im set to be the first out 🙂 at 12,500 feet, i get more practise at ‘spotting’ where you have to confirm that you are directly over the intended exit point. So, im watching the ground moving along under the plane, seeing the exit point approaching, watching, watching, watching, look up and give a thumbs up, i get the thumbs up back, and i roll out of the door 🙂

I get stable, then do a quick backflip, followed by another, as i was the first out, i turn away from the plane, and do a good hard 10 second bit of tracking, before leveling out, checking alti, and a quick 360. try another backflip, but got flipped sideways, coming to 6,000 feet, so a few 360 turns, before facing into the little wind that there is, and deploying at 3,500 feet.

The canopy opens, and again the 2 left end cells are collapsed, but, the toggles release fine, and a few pulls and theyre inflated, and im doing some quite hard pull 360 turns, first left, then right, then left again, before a few practice flares, before setting myself up ready for my landing approach. I make my final turn a little earlier than on the last jump, line myself up right between the flags, and land slightly to the left of them 🙂

Thats 5 jumps on a 230 ive now got, another 5-7 ish and ill be allowed to jump a 210, more about that coming soon 😉

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