Jump 58, Swansea

Today is the day some friends are doing a tandem jump to raise money for charity, my fiancee is also meant to be jumping, but cant as shes ill. As ive now got my B license, even if theyre landing on the southern landing area, ill still be able to get on the same lift 🙂

On arriving at the dropzone, and put my name on the board, theres a 100 jump limit in place due to the winds, damn, but, theres about 2 hours untill the lift theyre on goes up, so, could be in with a chance, theyre on the last but one lift of the day. The time comes, and the 100 jump limit is still in place 🙁 so i instead help out as tandem catcher to at least be there when they all land. They all landed, and loved it. I help out again with the last lift of the day, then, just as im about to leave, im asked if i want to do a low jump from 6000 feet, and before i can even say ‘of course i do’ the question is ended with ‘for free’


All kitted up and on the plane, the climb to 6500 feet is over quickly, a few leave, then im out of the door, a single roll, and open up to get stable, and flip onto my back, oops, flip back over but end up on my back again. I arch my body hard and get stable, nearly 5000 feet, do a 360 just for the views, before opening at just under 4000 feet.

After my safety count, i look up and the canopy hasnt fully opened yet, i think ‘oh crap’, i look down the lines, and see about 3 full twists, and think ‘oh fook and crap’, look back up to the canopy, and its fully inflated, phew, now to grab the risers and kick the life out of these twists. I grab, pull and start kicking, but im going the wrong way, kick some more, and start to untwist, kicking and kicking untill theyre all out, before turning and heading towards the holding area, where i do some turns to lose the height, before coming in for an uneventfull landing.

A nice unexpected end to the day 😀

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