Jump 59, Swansea

After visiting the dropzone on unreleated business, i got talked into going on the final lift of the day (i didnt get there untill after 5PM), so, with a jumpsuit on over my jeans and T-shirt, im kitted up and on the plane (not with my own rig). Im 2nd out, at a little over 13,000 feet, my usual rolling exit, but with my hands on the step, pushing myself away from the plane, upside down, and rolling, i open up stable, then flip over onto my back, and remain stable, while doing a few 360 turns on my back, flip back over onto my front, and change my body position for what sould be slow and fast falling, without anyone with you to judge though its hard to tell (my Pro-track computer in my helmet later confirmed i was slowing and speeding up) before turning into the wind, and opening at 3,500 feet.

What ive now come to expect as normal on this canopy, the left end cells were collapsed, and a good few flares were needed to open the up, before heading to a holding area, and back into the wind. A few more turns to lose height, and beck into the wind, before my last approach at 1000 feet, and, im sure the arrow has changed, people now seem to be coming in to land from 2 different directions. It seems those of us who opened first are in one circuit, and some of the last ones are in another landing pattern, going in the opposite direction (right circuit, when some of us are now committed to a left circuit).

I follow the 3 canopies below and in front of me. Everyone lands safely, and enjoys a beer afterwards

A jump i wasnt expecting to make today, but, it would have been rude not to, right 😉

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