Jump 61, Dunkeswell

After landing, and getting into the airfields bus after a nice long walk, finally back in the packing area, and, its time to repack. Theres 20 minutes untill the next lift im manifested for, and, im not going to try and rush packing, if i miss it, then ill be packed up ready for the drive back to wales, but, i surprised myself, and was packed ready to jump, in plenty of time. I guess all of those supervised pack jobs over and over again did really sink in afterall 🙂

On the plane this time, im the 4th one out, and straight away, i can see that im a lot closer to the landing area compared with the first lift nearly an hour ago. My exit was my normal rolling somersault exit, before a few 360s, and flipping onto my back, staying stable like that, before flipping back over, and opening at 4,000 feet

This time, im over the airfield, so i lose some height, before making my final turns, and, landing, just like everyone else this time as well, in the correct landing area 🙂

After getting back to the packing area, i get all my gear together, thank everyone for their hospitality, and prepare to drive back to wales…..

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