Jump 62, Swansea

After a long drive from Dunkeswell airport (stuck behind thousands of hippies all on their way to stonehenge for the summer solstice), I arrive at swansea and get myself manifested. As its friday, its 15K jumping. 15 mins later, and im kitted up and ready to get on the plane. After 10 minutes i realise now just how fast the Beech plane this morning actually was, but, im going over my jump in my head, touching my toggle and reserve pads and picturing the wind directions and landing pattern.

The lights are on, im in the door, then, im rolling out 🙂 i get stable, and turn over onto my back. do a 360 like this, before flipping back over and doing a few practice pulls and a practice for my reserve pads, before pulling at 4000 feet

Canopy opens nicely, and i do my checks, then lose some height before coming in to land. A little further from everyone else than id have liked to be, but, a nice smooth landing 🙂

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