Jump 63, Swansea

This jump is going to be a 2 way. The plan for the jump, exit together, get stable, a few turns and try to stay together. We are first out of the plane, im on the outside of the door, we hold on to each other, nod, up, down, and out 🙂

we get stable, all is good, we release, do a 360, then, will is about 100 feet below me, and no matter how hard i try, i just cant get down to him. Keeping altitude aware we are zig zagging past each other, with 100 feet between us trying to come back together. Out plan was to break off at 5000 feet, so, at 5.5k, i point the direction im taking, turn, and track away, before deploying my canopy at 4000 feet, and a couple of seconds later see wills canopy opening on the opposite side of the runway and below me.

Following the landing pattern as directed, i notice that will has already landed, but, is hunched over and not gathering up his canopy, so i turn slightly to land as close to him as im able to, and run over to check hes alright. Hes ok, but said his canopy opened very fast and hard, and knocked the wind out of him and hurt his neck a bit, but other than that, and us not being able to link back up once we released from each other, a good fun jump 🙂

(the Will in this jump is a club jumper, NOT Will the CCI)

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